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Customer testimonials

Our first Rollshutters were installed 5 years ago. We were so impressed that by 2006 all our windows had outside Rollshutters. Not only do they give us the most privacy ever and no more miniblind cleaning, but also the house stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
— Happy customer in Texas, Christa B.

Last summer the Rollshutter Company of Waco custom built and installed Rollshutters at my home. The installation was efficient and professional, and the quality is second to none. I have no reservations in fully recommending their services to anyone.
— Andrea K.

We have Rollshutters installed on the west side of our home due to the direct afternoon sunlight, allowing those rooms to remain completely comfortable. The shutters are easily operated from the inside and coordinate perfectly with the trim on the outside of the house. We are definitely glad that we had the Rollshutters installed.
— Edrena S.

We are thrilled with our recent purchase of 12 rollshutters. We considered all manner of other shutters and blinds and decided that the rollshutters were the best investment. Since they are on the exterior of the window, they provide extra insulation from both heat and cold and also extra security. An additional plus is that they don't need weekly dusting as interior blinds do. We highly recommend the Rollshutter Co. of Waco who provided us with excellent, timely and courteous service.
— Joan B. and Dr. Bruce B.

Just wanted to let you know how satisfied we are with our Rollshutters! It was by far one of the best investments we've made and we would recommend them to anyone! Thanks.
— Manuela R.

Irecently discovered that Rollshutters are available in this area. I have wanted them since living in Italy for a year. I contacted Mr. Rankin and was given a free estimate in a matter of days. The shutters were ordered quickly and have been efficiently installed with no muss or fuss.

I have been so impressed with the installation process and the terrific crew of installers. The cost was less than half of what I expected, and the shutters are more easily operated than I had anticipated.

The Rollshutters are perfect for privacy, security, and energy efficiency. I am only sorry that I didn't have Rollshutters sooner than this. I highly recommend this company and its wonderful product.
— Gloria S.

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