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Complete privacy is possible with Rollshutters.

When closed, your house is like a fortress, standing brave against the elements and unwanted intruders. Want them open? That’s easy. Press a button and motorized Rollshutters open automatically. Or, if you prefer, just roll them up manually — all conveniently operated from inside your home.

Rollshutters installed over entry doors deter intruders from entering.

Reasons to install roll shutters: Security

Homeowners are adamant regarding protection for their home. Their worst nightmare is someone breaking in, endangering them or their family. In order to prevent this, a homeowner will purchase dead bolts, chains, and other special locks to keep intruders from entering homes through our doors. However, statistics show that roughly half of burglars’ modes of entry take place through windows! With Rollshutters, homeowners can prevent intruders from entering through windows, as well as doors. Additionally, Rollshutters can be integrated into an alarm system giving you peace of mind when you are at home, or away.

Rollshutters durable shutter slats are made from roll-formed or extruded aluminum with polyurethane insulation. Slats come with or without light slits and are available in different thicknesses and strengths. Pure aluminum has a tensile strength of approximately 13000 PSI. Bad weather, storms, and tornadoes often come without warning, but Rollshutters protect your home from wind speeds up to 100 miles per hour! Our rolling shutters are approved by Texas Department of Insurance (TDI), International Building and Residential Codes (IBC/IRC), Florida Building Code (FBC), and Miami-Dade County for hurricane protection. Additionally, wind and sun sensors, which are normally used with awnings, can be integrated into the Rollshutter system. With this integration, the product will automatically adjust shutter position to compensate for heat and high winds — and you establish the settings on the control panel. Texas is ranked the number one state in injuries resulting from tornadoes. Between 1950 and 1995, there were 124 tornadoes per year in Texas alone.

And we know that living in Texas means we need to be prepared for tornadoes any time of the year. During 2006, six months of the year produced violent storms and/or tornadoes that caused devastating damage. The purchase of Rollshutters is guaranteed to improve your protection when nature’s storms strike, so next month, when those sirens go off, you can rest assured knowing you are protected.

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