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Applications of rollshutters: Residential

Installation completely hidden in soffit
Partial soffit installation

Whether your home is made of brick, wood, stucco or siding, Rollshutters are your answer for climate control and security. You may choose to operate them manually, or electronically, with the most advanced “light switch” you will ever use! With this technology, blocking weather, sound, intruders, and conserving energy is at your fingertips — very quick and extremely simple. As opposed to regular exterior shutters, Rollshutters can be built into new construction and almost appear invisible when they are not being used, neatly tucked away in a narrow housing hidden under your roof overhang. Alternatively, they can be integrated into the soffit. If you prefer not to have the narrow housing visible, Rollshutters can be completely hidden when open.

Retro-fit installation
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