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About Rollshutters of Waco, Inc.

Rollshutters of Waco, Inc. began in 1986 as an answer to replacing traditional window coverings on two large west-facing windows of a home in Woodway, Texas. As the homeowners shopped for pricing on traditional drapery and determined that a suitable alternative needed to be considered, Walter Seeger recalled the first 18 years of his youth in Germany.

Rollshutters are a popular commodity in Germany, and Walter determined that he would locate and install them in his home in Waco. In 1986, two motorized shutters were installed in his home. As luck would have it, friends expressed interest in the Rollshutters and after more installations, the business caught on. With the help of a business partner, Walter Seeger developed a thriving business in Killeen, Texas, where there is a community of military personnel who have seen firsthand the logic of window shutters that reduce heating and cooling costs as well as help prevent vandalism from unwanted intruders.

Advertising in the daily newspaper helped to spur the business on to great success, which has resulted in repeat business with many of the original customers that Rollshutters had. As the business has grown over the years and the original owner, Walter approached retirement; he searched for a capable individual who shared the same visions for Rollshutters of Waco that Walter held. In 2005 Joseph Rankin purchased Rollshutters from Walter and continues to work side by side with Walter as he further develops the company.

Joseph has an education and background in many components of home building including air conditioning/refrigeration, plumbing, cabinet building, remodeling and general home building contracting. As a homebuilder, Joseph uses every opportunity to add energy efficiency to every customers home or business. He feels strongly that Rollshutters have a direct effect on the overall comfort and energy efficiency when installed in new and existing homes.

He believes that Rollshutters have the potential to revolutionize the way we currently shield our homes and businesses because of the energy savings and protection they offer. As an innovative product, no other single product does more for your home than a Rollshutter. Consider heating and cooling costs, noise reduction and light reduction and Rollshutters is a complete answer to any challenge. Joe’s ultimate dream for the company is to have Rollshutters become an obvious choice for any new home building project or any existing home renovation.

When you call Rollshutters today, expect that Joe will answer all your questions and help you learn exactly how Rollshutters will benefit your home or business. You can count on Joe to deliver exceptional service from the initial phone call to the final installation of your new Rollshutters.

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